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Employer Matching Donation Program

Create your own fundraising community! Collect funds for the benefit of TigerPath Team and involve your employer. Ask for a dollar-for-dollar match (or other amount) for a definitive period of time.  Please let TigerPath Team know the details so an acknowledgement can be made on this site and in writing to the employer and to the fundraisers.  Please contact TigerPath Team for support and assistance with your campaign by calling 208.918.0536 or emailing

Target Objectives

TigerPath Team Trailblazer: over $10,000 (total collected)
Tiger Path Team Pathfinder: over $5,000 (total collected)
TigerPath Team Guide: over $2,500 (total collected)
TigerPath Team Scout: over $1,000 (total collected)
TigerPath Team Pioneer: over $500 (total collected)

Please send raised funds to:
TigerPath Team, Inc.
1168 254th Street, Harbor City, California 90710
TigerPath Team, Inc.
178 North Caracaras Way, Eagle, Idaho 83616

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