FOCUS Process

F O C U S is an acronym for the words Filter, Observe, Choose, Update, and Sort. Taken together they act as an organizational technique to use to attain functional thinking.

  • “Filter” describes the action through which a person distinguishes what is true intuitively rather than believing thoughts alone. Improper filtering can result in unwanted and regrettable outcomes. Proper filtering improves the connection between body and mind so that learning to depend upon it becomes routine.
  • “Observe” is the way in which patterns of behavior, speech, and attitudes are evaluated. By getting to know oneself through objective review and minus judgments, decisions can be effectively made to change. It is valuable to know that patterns inform emotions and explain how one chemically responds to events and conditions. In turn, one’s chemical state dictates internal health and can predict the ability to sustain a continued level of elation.
  • “Choose” new options through emulation, experimentation, and knowledge.
  • “Update” allows one to notice what might have worked yesterday may no longer be useful now requiring changes occur.
  • “Sort” for spiritual content (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and opportunities to be of service.