Consider the time you spend “doing” for others at the expense of your own quality of life. Can you be of maximum service to others that way?

Bliss is a state of mind, body and spirit. Since I continuously move to/from that place often, I am searching for a permanent address there.
My spoken words, silent thoughts, education, love, and spirit cannot be stolen from me; they are sacred. I share them with impunity and awe.

Avoiding tasks is clearly more draining of your energy than taking right action. You become consumed by the negativity. It is also wasteful!

Where you are right now is the most spiritual place you can be: the present. It is the only measure of truth that is real, now… and now…

I’m in a garden of imagined beauty where there are no rules, stumbling in squishy grass letting the mud pop up between my toes and flirting with flowers.

Show your true colors, even if it means exposing chameleon character traits; an authentic you is the one that is most attractive/consistent.

My personal focus is being at my best no matter the circumstances in my life and on supporting others to be at their best utilizing tools that can become habit for life!

Getting good at anything takes repetition; becoming an expert takes focus. If you are lazy, however, you neither get good nor become expert.

I used (and still do use) the Focus Guides/FOCUS Process as tools for living well, building new skill sets. Practice makes the tools as useful as I make them.

Create something brand new out of existing materials today! Include original thoughts, actions and speech. You may uncover a prize: PASSION!

What are your “deal-breakers” in business, relationships, employment? Knowing these can give you a headstart in negotiations and confidence.

Focusing on good health, habits, spiritual condition and lifestyle becomes the best way to handle challenges whether involved with cancer and/or being a victim of a violent crime. All the other choices are futile.

I invite everyone to eradicate use of all hurtful language, as we are responsible for those expressions being spread through the airwaves.

Sleep deprivation, caffeine/sugar intake, as well as alcohol/drug consumption, all act as deterrents to being at your best. Moderate please.

Showing kindness is a true measure of how you feel in your gut; if you are unable to be kind today, you may be suffering some anger or fear.

“But” is the most used “excuse” word in the English language. It connotes blame and lack of responsibility for oneself. Be aware of its use!

Having expectations the government will “do what’s right” sets up disappointment; voting for officials who will “do what’s right” is better.

Multitasking is a learned skill-practice by opening your mind and heart while keeping your mouth closed. It won’t take long to be an expert.

FOCUS is an acronym for: Filter; Observe; Choose; Update; Sort; a process for organizing your brain for optimal living and spiritual growth.

Focus is required to best decide what direction to point; without it, you can go to and fro and back again and never get onto the TigerPath.

TigerPath is the road to self-discovery, satisfaction, awareness – a great spiritual adventure. The TigerPath Team supports you on your way.

Selectively decide what’s good for you in life; if you were to include all humans in your decision, would it change in any way? One for all…

My dog taught me by example all about unconditional love and how to “show up” no matter what! Those behaviors are learned, not inherited.

Leading by example is tantamount to instructing people how to be teachers, only better. Mentoring kids is a prime example of how this works.

By keeping my side of the street “clean,” augmenting my quality of life, and maintaining my integrity, I impact thousands of untold others.

Sometimes there are no existing “dictionary” words to choose from to describe your experience. Have you ever made up or coined words? Faboo (oozing with fabulous)!

Being at your best is not to be judged intellectually or by another’s opinion; it is positively proven with your gut feelings and instincts!

FOCUS is an acronym for Filter, Observe, Choose, Update, Sort, all part of the process utilized to organize thinking, activities, attitudes!

Tenderness is shown for each other by the largest animals on this earth; however, it is a rare commodity in human nature. Use it more often!

Whisper wistfully with waxing, waning waves; wail woes; wield warrior wisdom; whimsically whine; watch waist; worship wit; waltz wantonly.

“Activism” is not confined to politics; however, it’s commonly called “being proactive” which takes similar processes to accomplish goals.

To create change in a system, first learn about how it operates now, then take the appropriate steps to alter it. The reward is credibility!

Day-dreaming is my favorite way to pass down time. I visualize people, places and things over which I have no control – yet I see them as true creations!

The greatest human energy exchange is demonstrated when loving inspiration is shared amongst people. All get exhilarated, pumped up, vital!

Language that is “inclusive” and actions that “invite” people “in” serves the planet and teaches others how to do the same: lead by example!

In your experience of people, have you interacted with someone who acts and speaks as if he or she wants to be the only person on the earth?

Attitude and actions inform how well you move through the world today. Notice what motivates you, then consciously raise the “bar” tomorrow.

Thank you [power that is not me] for all the people, places, and things in and out of my life today. I gracefully acknowledge I am not in control.

Authenticity is as original as your personal signature. Display it like artwork, share it generously, own it always! It is you at your best!

Investing in yourself earns a richer return than investing elsewhere and it’s much less risky. The reward for all of us is quality people!

Sleep provides the blissful quiet achieved in no other way. It is rest for the mind, body and spirit – a sought after relief from maximum energy output.

Do you have heroes? Are you aware of their human strengths and frailties? It’s quite interesting to include it all-their lives are so full!

Good public speakers are entertainers, usually possessing charisma and a special gift for storytelling. The great ones listen very well too.

A good listener has closed lips, patience between what has been and what is yet to come, compassion, and practiced many times.

Success is measured by the description of what happened in the past that you consider to be positive. Everyone is successful at something!

Procrastination is always the outcome for folks who use the words “but,” “can’t,” “if they only,” “in a minute,” “maybe,” “later,” “trying!”

You may not like everyone you meet. Yet since there are no accidents, consider their presence somehow meaningful. At least, pray for them!

Passion is a mysterious and wonderful emotion. What do you think it takes to discover one’s passion?

Have you noticed how trying the word “trying” is – it s a drain to listen to. Be sure to refrain from using it and giving your brain an excuse or “out” as a reason for your “trying.”  It is necessary to retrain your brain!  The Focus Guides and FOCUS Process are faboo tools to assist you.

May your day be special, your actions be heroic, your thoughts be positive, and may you possess the wisdom to know that your day begins NOW!

In these twisted times, there are lots of opportunities to stand up tall and demonstrate you are okay no matter what, now…and now…now…

Good mental health is akin to a job: if you show up for it, are responsible to it, and become competent at it, the payoff is worth it. Amen!

A little birdie told me that I need not worry about the sun coming up in the morning because I have no say in the matter. What a relief!

Skill is the product of practice & repetition; hence, the Focus Guides and FOCUS Process are designed to result in skillful living. Marvel!

Live “as if” you are the best example for others to follow. That way our collaborative quality of life is raised just because you exist!

“What you believe in your gut, you will act out in life!” If you believe deep down that you’re not worthy, you will prove it in all you do.

Being of service in this way, especially to survivors of cancer, incest, rape and addiction, is the best reason to have lived through the experiences!

I love sharing my hope and optimism. I see opportunity where others see limitations. I choose joy, life, and love. I make it contagious too.

“TigerPath Team” encompasses an environment in which we strive to be our best. I am one of the team facilitators. Glad to meet you.

At the bottom of a hill wanting to climb to the top? The “secret” is not just positive thinking, although it is helpful. It behooves one to possess climbing skills.